Mac Groupwise Resources

Our District uses Novell Groupwise for email access. You can log in at school by clicking on the Groupwise icon on your "Dragthing" Dock (colored doc). You can log in at home by putting "" in the web address field. Press return/enter and put in your login name and password. You must have a password set up to use the web based email.

Note: To use the web based email from home, AOL users need to connect to their internet service, then open Internet Explorer or Netscape and put in the

When giving your email address to others use the following format:
[[mailto:[username]|[username]]] *[username]=Novell Login username
For example, is the email address for Terri Lowery

How to Archive your email on a Mac:
Basic Concepts Cheat sheet:

How to send an email to a school and eliminate a name or two from the list (handy for when you are setting up a surprise shower or other event).
  • Start up a new email.
  • Go to the address book
  • Find the school group
  • Right click (control click if you don't have a right click mouse)
  • Choose Expand Group
  • Now the names will appear in the window to the right and you can click on one and hit "Remove" at the bottom.
  • Click OK